I speak duck…

So … lately I have acquired a new talent …

Communicating to those who speak in squeaks…

Meet Mr D …. Duckie to me …

Please pay particular attention to the athleticism I demonstrate toward the end of the clip. I am 70 now you know… #respectyourelders

Click to play… and enjoy my superior talent…

Yours in love, licks and liver treats…

Peachee ❤️❤️

Apparently it isn’t just my Mother…

So I recently received this update from my cousin Molly. Apparently, it isn’t just my Mum who is ‘crazy like a coconut‘ … it seems Aunty Kara was hit with that stick too!

Anywho, read on for an update! She is checking in with her Mamma + Pappa Harley, who are currently gallivanting around Aus… hippies!

Note: Duckie (referenced below) is Molly’s favourite toy – from England. She is effectively Molly’s shadow – as she DOESN’T leave home without it!


Good Golly, Miss Molly


Hi Ma and Poppa Harley,

Thought I better check in since I haven’t seen you for so long…. my holiday is going ok… since I’ve been here for a while my hair has grown back, seriously, can you tell Kara to take a course or something! She is TERRIBLE at cutting my hair. She makes up for it with my weekly treatments though…

I’m pretty happy here for most of the time, but I did get a smack this week…

Puh! Jojo started it! She tried to walk too close to Duckie! And I got in trouble! I ran so fast into my house I ran right out the other side! (Also, pls send money for Reno’s)

I’ve since learnt to sleep behind the door so Jojo can’t push it open.. Tehehehehehe, this only works till Kara gets up at stupid o’clock…. can you pls remind her I’m retired too! I need my rest! I have five beds to get through! That takes time!

Jojo still hasn’t learnt to eat since last time I was here, I can still eat waaay more than her! Except I have to hide my mince, I like to savour it like Jojo but when Kara finds it in my bed she doesn’t seem very happy! I was only stockpiling! I heard the cyclone was coming! Nobody appreciates my forward thinking! It didn’t even smell proper green yet! Hmmph!

Any way, Kara took me for my weekly visit next door today… man do they luuuurve me! She even let me walk over there… but then she left! I don’t mind, they pat me just the way I like… I’m not real keen on the trip home though.. they just pass me over this really high fence! Such peasants!

Anyway… just letting you know that Duckie and I are fine.. if you come back and I’m not here just call out, Duckie and will prob be next door, they let me do whatever I want over there… maybe Pops could build me a ladder for the fence??? Just thinking…

Love love. Lick lick.
Mollie and Duckie.

Molly & Jojo

PS – she really does need to get some hairdressing lessons! I need to stand out more, especially as Jojo is taking up most of the LENS!



Kiss My Sass!

So I was having a ‘Puppa-chino’ the other day at The Coffee Club when out of nowhere this sassy little girlie appeared post having a baby-chino (the chocolate mono brow was a giveaway) She started complementing on my cuteness (I mean she is only human). So I lapped that right up and before you knew it not only do we have the same hair colour, we also have the same short attention span and sassy sparkle! Omg TWINSIES!

I have to admit she is (terrifying) like my mummy tho – she must touch me at all times. I know I am the golden child (check out my hair) but I am sure my mum thinks I am some kinda good luck charm – I move she moves. I move further away, she moves closer. Enter Mum 2 – Elke. A cuddle around ever corner. 

She’s got me!

Go Sass!

O hey. Just chilling at Cafe One 3


I have it on good authority she has had plenty of fluffy cuddle practise. Got ‘the word’ from Billy the ‘Pig’ at Show Whitsunday that she has a serious grip and my other sources – ‘The Chicks from Pros Vegas’ reckon they were lucky to get left behind – especially Elke nearly put them in a coma w her hypnotic chicken powers. Cluck cluck! WTF? Where o where has this mini person with magical animal powers come from?!?

Chicken Whisperer – Red, hypnotised chicken

A cuddle w ‘Billy the Pig’

‘You are feeling very sleepy…….’

Be on the look out furry / feathered / dinner friends. This is one serious sassy cuddlepot. Not kidding. Another similarity between me and my new two legged friend – the Kiss My Sass – looks and facial expressions she fires off – totes awesome. Think Blue Steel, but Sassy. In fact I even heard her mum call her by her code name – Miss Sassy Pants! Girl after my own heart! 

Kiss our sass!!!

50 Shades of Debbie. 

Windy mole. 

Totally tested my patience and sleep tolerance – and Aunty Annie’s. My mum and dad thought it would be awesome to go on a holiday (please note without me – WTF? as if that is a holiday) so I have been booked w my beautiful (and naughty) Aunty Annie (she eats cream on crisps/chips – love that hedonistic behaviour – girl after my own heart!)

Pleased to report life has returned to normal. Meanwhile here is a brief account of the event from my perspective. 
Ok awesome that I have toys – not sure why we are ‘glamping’ in the bathroom w my Shark/Bunny/Pony? (noticing animal theme here)

Enough of bathroom. My 6.5kg personality cannot fit in there any longer. Aunty Annie and I have moved to the bed. By the window. With a mattress on it. And my bed on the bed. However stuffed horse seems to be trying to establish a pecking order. I will show you pony. Giddy off!

So snack time. AA (Aunty Annie – not Alcoholics Anon, although honestly no one would judge you AA – we are all drinking now) Note pleased she didn’t swap our rations! (I have a nut allergy!)

Quick nap. This may have been in the eye. Aunty Annie’s eye. 

Abandoned ship. Or house. Thanks Aunty Bron for your posh couch. Sorry I took on that large black furry creature (Rottweiler?!) I applied pecking ordered technique as taught by stuffed horse. Go me. 


Wait a minute? Who put this here?

O thanks Mummy! Nice bed! Apparently not for me?? 🤔 For a new ‘police’ friend who needed a bed. Whatever.  Told him to show me his badge. I showed him mine – the one on my collar. No further questions. Peachee 1 – Mr Police – 0. Taught him pecking order techniques. He has confirmed he intends to apply this new technique. Yes that’s right, counselling police service now. 

Final report – life is nearly normal. Have a couple of new water features in the house. Also may be confused for living on the new set of ‘Houseos’ (spelling) w posh plywood poolfence. 

O well. Back to my roast. Woof!